Care for Your Smile and Overall Health

Care for Your Smile and Overall Health

Posted by DR. KOSSI on Feb 28 2020, 08:16 AM

Care for Your Smile and Overall Health

It is better going for prevention than cure, not only in the matter of your health but also your smile. Smile City Dental can tell you all that you need to know about the impacts of your smile on your overall health. 

How can your smile affect your overall health?

Dr. Kossi will explain to you how maintaining good oral health can help in preventing diseases that affect your whole body. Keeping your smile in perfect shape can keep you away from the following conditions:

Endocarditis:  In such a situation, the oral bacteria or other germs spread through your bloodstream and lead to infection in the inner lining of the heart.

Cardiovascular Disease:  Several studies claim that there is a link between heart disease and inflammation and infection due to oral bacteria.

Premature Birth and Low Birth Weight:  Gum disease can lead to prematurity and low birth weight.

How can you protect your smile and your health?

In order to keep a happy, healthy smile, you need to ensure that the rest of the body stays in perfect shape. You can follow on with the tips mentioned below:

2x2x2:  You should brush your teeth gently for two minutes, twice a day, along with that floss as well. Just as you visit your doctor for regular checkups, and visit us your dentist for at least twice a year to conduct dental exams and cleanings.

Don’t Smoke:  Quit usage of tobacco products. This can help in reducing the risk of oral cancer, bad breath, and also prevent unsightly discoloration.

Eat Healthy Food:  Sugar can cause damage to your teeth, waistline, and also your hormones. You need to limit the number of sweets and carbohydrates in your diet. It will be better if you skip sodas and just drink water instead. Enjoy eating high-protein snacks, leafy greens that are full of calcium, and also dairy products that are really good for your entire body.

Now that you know about the connection between your oral health and overall health, call us or schedule an online appointment with Dr. Kossi for a consultation at our offices in Canyon Country and Valencia, CA.

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