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Your smile is the first feature that people notice, and hence taking care of your teeth and gums can do a lot in maintaining it. When a person loses his/her teeth, it deprives them of the ability to smile and talk with confidence. It may even inhibit them from consuming their favorite meal.

With advanced restorative options in dentistry, it is possible to rebuild your smile to the way it was. There are several ways of doing this, patients may opt for dental implants, crowns, bridges, partial or full dentures. Out of the many restorative options available, dentures are by far the best.

What are dentures?

Dentures are custom-designed dental prosthetics made of acrylic material that'd help restore teeth missing from an entire dental arch. It can be used to replace teeth missing from the upper and lower dental arches. Dentures are either full or partial dentures.

What are the different types of dentures?

Complete Dentures: These dentures are made out of a plastic base that is composed of acrylic material. It closely replicates our natural gum tissues and is strong enough to support an entire set of plastic or porcelain teeth. Complete or full dentures may also be held in place by dental implants. 

Partial Dentures: Partials may either be made of a base that's either plastic or of a metal framework. They are used to restore only a specified number of teeth. Partial dentures can be held in place by using a metal clasp and offers great durability. 

What is involved in getting dentures?

As you start off with your consultation to get dentures, the process would involve taking a series of impressions or mold of the oral cavity that would, in turn, support the denture. The impressions would be sent to a dental lab where the dentist or the lab technician would slowly start building the dentures. Once they are ready, the dentist would place the custom-made dentures inside the patient's oral cavity and look for a perfect fit. 

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