Oral Health During Pregnancy

Oral Health During Pregnancy

Posted by DR. KOSSI on Feb 15 2022, 12:18 PM

Oral Health During Pregnancy

A woman may undergo a huge transition, both physically and mentally, when life starts growing inside her. With hormonal changes, her mind is filled with mixed emotions, good or bad. Usually, taking care of your oral health during pregnancy is least prioritized and new parents are not much aware of how important it is. But, the truth is that maintaining good oral care is essential for the health of the baby and mother.

Things to Consider for Good Dental Care While Pregnant

  • Routine dental care is safe at any time during the pregnancy.
  • Elective dental procedures can be postponed to a suitable date after the delivery.
  • Have an open discussion with the dentist about medications, prenatal vitamins, and specific medical instructions advised by your gynecologist. The dentist may alter the treatment plan based on the information provided.
  • Dentists recommend that dental X-rays are safe during pregnancy. They provide utmost care to safeguard mother and baby from radiation.
  • Do not miss out on routine dental checks as many pregnant ladies are at a higher risk for pregnancy gingivitis due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Notice signs of tenderness, bleeding, or gum swelling at any point of pregnancy. Discuss the condition with a periodontist, else, it may lead to pregnancy complications affecting the health of your baby. 
  • Struggle to follow good oral hygiene practices despite difficulties with morning sickness. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing every day, and using an antimicrobial mouth rinse helps to prevent oral issues and enjoy a safe pregnancy period.
  • Avoid sugary treats that may affect your baby and your teeth. Eat balanced nutrient-rich food to nourish every developing stage of a fetus.

Role of Maternal Periodontitis in Premature Birth

There are several cases in which pregnant women with chronic periodontitis deliver a premature baby before week 37. Here, infection in the gums gradually travels into the bloodstream, targeting the fetus in the uterus and inducing labor, resulting in a preterm baby. Thus, the right periodontal treatment reduces the risk of premature delivery.

Tumors in the Pregnancy

Pregnancy tumors are not cancerous. They are inflammatory growths that occur in the gum tissues of pregnant women in the second trimester. Plaque-causing bacteria with hormonal imbalance cause gum tissues of pregnant women to inflame or swell. Hence, maintaining good oral hygiene is critical. Otherwise, hardened dental plaque will irritate and inflame the gum tissue.

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