Root Canal Treatment for Your Infected Tooth

Root Canal Treatment for Your Infected Tooth

Posted by DR.KOSSI on Sep 14 2021, 09:09 PM

Root Canal Treatment for Your Infected Tooth

A root canal is an oral treatment that repairs an infected tooth. It cleans the decayed tooth and preserves it from further damage. The dentist disinfects the treatment area with antibiotics which cleanses the tooth.  The treatment helps to protect the natural tooth and keep it from being extracted. Smile City Dental’s efficient dentists provide root canal treatment to patients in Santa Clarita, CA. 

When Is a Root Canal Required?

Various symptoms signify the need for a root canal treatment. These include persistent pain in the tooth, swollen gums, and tooth sensitivity. Extreme pain while eating or chewing also signifies that the patient might require a root canal treatment. 

The Advantages of Root Canal

  • A root canal protects the natural teeth.
  • It restores the functionality of the tooth.
  • The treatment maintains the appearance of the patient by avoiding tooth extractions.
  • It helps to reduce the pain caused by dental infection. 
  • It restores the oral health of the patient.

The Root Canal Procedure

The patient first goes for an initial appointment at the dentistry where the dentist determines the need for a root canal. The dentist then does several digital imaging tests of the mouth to have a clear picture of the infected tooth. A treatment plan is then made by the dentist after consulting with the patient.

During the actual procedure, the dentist administers anesthesia to the patient before the treatment. This numbs the treatment area to avoid any pain during the treatment. A dental dam will also be placed to keep the teeth dry for the treatment. A small opening is made in the infected tooth from which the dentist removes the decayed pulp and decontaminates the area.

After decontamination, the dentist inserts biocompatible material called gutta-percha into the tooth and seals it from further decay. An artificial tooth is mounted on the top, which helps in the complete restoration of the tooth. 

After the Procedure

Minor discomfort after the procedure is normal and will fade away soon. The dentist will prescribe medicines that can prevent infections in the tooth. The outcome of the treatment can be experienced in a few days. The patient will be required to make a follow-up appointment at the dentistry to analyze the success of the treatment on the tooth.

Smile City Dental, located in Santa Clarita, CA, is an equipped dentistry that provides dental care services to patients. Call and schedule an appointment on (661) 252-8888 and get a complete dental checkup.

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