Treating Gum Disease With PERIOLASE®

Treating Gum Disease With PERIOLASE®

Posted by Dr. Kossi on Jan 6 2020, 05:40 AM

Treating Gum Disease With PERIOLASE®

The use of laser in dentistry has a wide range of applications. They are used to treat tooth decay, gum disease, inflammation, headaches, severe pain, biopsy (removal of lesions), minimize teeth discoloration, etc.

Say Goodbye to Gum Disease With PERIOLASE® 

Gum disease or periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gums. It is caused due to the attack of disease-causing bacteria in the gums and bones of the jawbone. PerioLase® is a minimally invasive laser treatment that helps treat parts of the gums, ligaments, soft-tissues, and bones of the jawbone. The goodness of PerioLase® has made it the only FDA approved dental laser in the market. The PerioLase® would create a sterile and healthy environment for the regeneration of bone and gum tissues.  

Working of PERIOLASE® 

PerioLase® is a free-running, pulsed laser that is capable of emitting laser energy in a matter of seconds and not like a continuous stream of laser energy. It is a safe and effective means of restoring gum tissues and providing periodontal tissue therapy. 

The dentist would first thoroughly clean the oral cavity with deep cleaning. This would help remove any signs of plaque or tartar from the surface and corners of teeth and gums, thereby making the oral cavity as clean as possible. 

The procedure would follow by the dentist using the PerioLase® laser to spot any diseased tissues inside the gum pockets. It helps destroy the infection-causing bacteria without harming the healthy tissues of the oral cavity.

Recovery after PERIOLASE® 

Post the procedure; the patient would experience reduced swelling and bleeding. Many patients have also reported better comfort and faster healing of the gum tissues as compared to the traditional methods of gum disease treatment. 

Benefits of Treating Gum Disease with PERIOLASE® 

  • Faster healing
  • Less recovery period
  • Minimal recession
  • Preserves healthy tissues
  • Faster regeneration of the bone

Find out more treating gum disease with PERIOLASE® by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kossi at Smile City Dental today and we’ll be able to guide you further. Call us on 6612528808 or request an appointment online.

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